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Take The Asperger’s Test

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I’m a mother raising a son with Asperger’s Syndrome.  My son’s diagnosis opened up new insight into the struggles in my life – I’d grown up with undiagnosed Asperger’s.  I’d felt defective because I knew I was ‘different.’

Now it made sense why my husband was my only boyfriend, why I connected with animals more than people and why I struggled in the workplace .    I’ve been fired because I didn’t ‘fit’.
I’m a survivor.  I battled with depression and a pain disorder for years before finally learning I had food intolerances including celiac disease.  Food sensitivities triggered screaming tantrums in Xavier.

If we didn’t have Xavier, I doubt I would have ever learnt that I have Asperger’s (I’ve learnt to compensate and pass as relatively normal which is exhausting).  Also, because of Xavier’s behavioural problems such as rage meltdowns, I investigated diet triggers which led me to discover the reason for my years of chronic health problems – food sensitivities.

I’m well read and being an analytical thinker, come up with my own theories based on my observations.   I don’t always agree with the ‘experts.’

Writing is therapeutic and a creative outlet.   I’ve been encouraged to start this website after positive feedback from articles I wrote about Aspergers test.

It helps to know we’re not alone.  Every person’s journey is different, yet many will identify with our journey – our frustrations, amusing moments and insights.

I will be adding extra pages, so keep in touch.

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