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Components of a Suspension Lift Kit

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Suspension lift kit is about a group of springs, linkages and shock absorbers which function as a link between the vehicle and its wheels. There are properties of a CRV lift kit which include the spring rate and wheel rate.

A spring rate refers to a property of a suspension lift kit that is also referred to as a suspension rate. This is an element in setting the ride height of a particular vehicle. Also, it is a component in a vehicle’s suspension stroke location. Spring rate is an important added component in a vehicle especially for vehicles that are manufactured to carry heavy load.

For example, big trucks are in need of suspension lift kits because trucks are made for heavy weight loads. This is because when a vehicle carries heavy load, the tendency is that the vehicle may collapse. Sometimes, because of the heavy load, a vehicle’s bottom area reaches the grounds or the road which creates damages to the vehicle. With this, heavier springs as installed as a method of suspension lift.

A wheel rate is another property of a suspension lift kit. This is directly linked to the spring rate, in which it is measured at the wheel. This is different from spring rate because spring rate is a rate that can stand alone. A wheel rate is not rated without the spring rate. A wheel rate is measured at the wheel with respect to the effective spring rate. The rate of the wheel is equal to the spring rate most of the time.

But sometimes, wheel rate is also less than the spring rate. It is in the vehicle’s control arms where the springs are mounted. There are other parts of the vehicle where springs can be mounted. Aside from control arms, springs can also be mounted at the swing arms and other areas for pivoting suspension. When wheel rate is calculated, the square of the ratio, which is 0.5625, must be multiplied with the spring rate.

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