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Austin electronics recycling

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Austin electronics recycling is a full service recycler. We recycle all types of computer equipment, as well as other electronic components. The main goal to increase the returns for both the environment and the customer.

Let us be your recycling partner.

We are committed to the environment and its preservation. In the past we have dealt with institutions, from large corporations to schools, who feel the same way we do. Any organization, big or small, who has old computers, computer components, or electronic components will benefit from our service.


Do you have outdated computer equipment or components? We recycle any and all of the following:

PC Boards
Monitors & CRT’s
Electronic Scrap Or Surplus
Obsolete Computer Products 
Scrap Metals
Electrical Switchgear
& Misc. Components

They provides the full range of computer recycling services. We can handle any size project, and will go out of our way to custom fit a solution for your organization. Our full cycle approach ensures that all components are reused to their fullest capacity with no waste byproduct.

Don’t throw your electronic “junk” away and contribute to our waste problem. Contact Austin electronics recycling to see how we can help you, and make Austin a better place to live for all of us.


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